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Special report from São Paulo, Brazil: Cafecito Sprint Day 3

Posted by Héctor Velarde at 21/06/2012 17:40 |
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Special report from São Paulo, Brazil: Cafecito Sprint Day 3

quimera and frapell merging the work done during the day.

Day 3 (Wednesday, June 20)

We need your help to find a better name for this package!

If you have an idea, please let us know.

Frontend Team

flecox created a screenlet to search for content types and drag&drop them on tiles, after the drop is done an AJAX call send the UID of the object and the id of the tile and return the HTML of the tile with the data of the content.

quimera decided to divide in two the layout: layout view to create the “layout” with rows and cells and a permissions view to wrap the parts of the layouts in groups and add permissions to them.

Backend Team

frapell made some advances adding functionality that will allow to send an object to a tile and update its content, and to delete tiles data to maintain integrity.

A major change was made into the way the composition use the layout. Now, the layout gets stored in the composition itself, so it is independent from what it is in the registry, and from other compositions. In the moment that the composition gets created, random ids get assigned to the tiles.

Some bug fixes were tackled too, and more functionality was included into the recursive layout renderer, which can identify which view is being rendered on, and can render different content accordingly.

And finally, a new functionality was included into the tiles, that will allow to return a list of accepted content types that can be dropped into a tile.

hvelarde spent part of the day preparing the blog posts for the first two days of the sprint and made some code review (mainly PEP 8/Pyflakes) to Plone core packages like, and plone.tiles.

At the end of the day both teams merged code and got something almost usable; the day was very productive and what we have now looks pretty good!

Download the development buildout and check it by yourself ;-)

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