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Special report from São Paulo, Brazil: Cafecito Sprint Day 4

Posted by Héctor Velarde at 22/06/2012 17:45 |
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Special report from São Paulo, Brazil: Cafecito Sprint Day 4

garbas joined us via hangout to talk about his current work with

Day 4 (Thursday, June 21)

The day started with a hangout of the sprinters with Rok Garbas (garbas); he has been working on lately and he wanted to find out if we can collaborate in some way.

We followed closely his presentation and explained him that the goal of the sprint is to release an usable package to create front pages for projects we are working on, and to release it for the community.

Maybe after that we can start looking how to generalize what we are learning.

Frontend Team

davi-lima and flecox worked on refactoring the "screenlet" mechanism for providing the windows and overlays that will display tools and settings used in the Compose and Layout tabs for the Composition object. The work is not finished but the screenlet also knows how to update itself based on user interaction, like content filtering, based on text filters and eventually tabs.

quimera worked in the HTML serialization of a created layout and the save functionality.

Backend Team

Juan Pablo Giménez (jpg_rcom) joined (remotely from Rosario, Argentina) frapell on the backend team; jpg_rcom is a long time Plone contributor and co-author of Plone 3 Products Development Cookbook book.

frapell tried to implement a configuration view for the tiles. This view will allow us to adjust how fields will show up: we could have a tile that displays a title, a description and an image and we will be able to change the order of the fields, the alignment of the text or the size of the image.

jpg_rcom created a new basic tile that will display title, summary and an image for most standard content types.

agnogueira and hvelarde found a nice icon for the package; if only we could find a good name also…

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