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Special report from São Paulo, Brazil: Cafecito Sprint Day 2

Posted by Héctor Velarde at 20/06/2012 13:30 |
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Special report from São Paulo, Brazil: Cafecito Sprint Day 2

The frontend team trying to figure out how to solve the mess.

Day 2 (Tuesday, June 19)

Frontend Team

Ricardo Bánffy (rbanffy) joined agnogueira, davi-lima, flecox and quimera on the front end team; rbanffy is founding member of Associação Python Brasil and long time technology advisor at Simples Consultoria.

Once again the team begun the day discussing the implementation of the whole front end, with lots of drawings in the whiteboard. The team realized that, to be grid-friendly, they need to allow users to draw all the possible layouts with our “Groups” and “Tiles” entities and then implement the right combination of “row” and “cell” CSS classes from (or the similar ones from the other grid systems).

The team noticed they are going to have a lot of trouble very soon dealing with nested rows, cells and all their width calculation using percentage values . They decided to start with baby steps and, following the mockups, create a simple static layout that can´t be modified, but can be used by an “Editor” to add content to the static tiles.

Finally, they discussed the format of the JSON they'll deliver to the backend to inform about the structure of the created layout.

Backend Team

The layout data structure was initially designed by frapell, and he also implemented a recursive renderer for it. Finally, the layout structure was included in the main composite view and a temporal way of editing the tiles was added.

Unneeded code was successfully removed by hvelarde; he also added some basic tests and made some updates on i18n.

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