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Cafecito Sprint: the lost post

Posted by Héctor Velarde at 10/01/2013 15:45

The long awaited first public release of collective.cover is finally available for download.

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Special report from São Paulo, Brazil: Cafecito Sprint Day 5

Posted by Héctor Velarde at 25/06/2012 20:05
Filed under: JQuery, Sprint, Usabilidade, Plone
Special report from São Paulo, Brazil: Cafecito Sprint Day 5

Day 5 (Friday, June 22)

Frontend Team

flecox and davi-lima continued to work on the screenlets, implementing both the Recent Items and Content Tree tabs and also making room for the clipboard one, which will be developed next (based on a catalog filter for content UUID).

quimera implemented a Save functionality to export the designed layout into a JSON structure which is AJAX-stored as an annotation in the context. That was amazing!

They also spent big time debugging and cleaning up the code as well as preparing icons, internationalizing and localizing templates and improving documentation.


frapell updated package's documentation to explain how to create a tile to use in the composition; he also made a configuration template for automatic rendering a Configure mode for the widgets in the tile by using z3c.form. Really cool!

hvelarde worked on moving Carlos de la Guardia's original collective.composition repository to the Collective just to have the issue tracker there; he also added i18n code to and Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish translations to the package, and tried to fix the basic tile but he failed miserably: wish him better luck next time.

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